lock down log 2

today in the morning we had English and math.

in English, we had to write a description of a picture that the teachers gave us and I wrote a creepy description of a bridge.

then we had math 😔 . we were learning about this really confusing thing called median and mode or something like that.

then we had recess, i called my called my friend Alice and made myself some toast.

lock down log

Today we were supposed to have an assembly, but instead, we had some “technical difficulties” so we missed out on that.

Then we had Science where we had to research some stuff about electricity and I forgot to check the time so I worked through break.  😖

I would like to improve my cooking skills during lockdown. Also, I would like to do more drawing.

passion post

My passion is art.

I like art because it’s fun and creative.

Also, it allows me to escape from the world for a bit.

My favorite type of art is clay because I enjoy designing something then making it 3D.

I like drawing people because I like getting those tiny details and facial expressions.



My top 10 places to go would be…..










1……….AMSTERDAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(I really want to go there :(.

Blog Comments Thumbs up or thumbs down?

At the moment we are rating imaginary comments from most helpful to least helpful.

I think that 5 was the most helpful comment because it used proper punctuation and helpful advice.

I think that 2 was the 2nd most helpful because it mostly said good things about the post but it didn’t offer advice.

8 is the 3d most helpful because it offered the opinion of the person and asked the opinion of others.

1 wasn’t as bad as some comments but it didn’t use the correct punctuation.

3 was good because it connected ideas and gave high praise to the comment.

7 was not very helpful as it only had one sentence.

6 was not at all helpful because it went conplletly went off topic and was really a bit mean.

4 wasn’t very helpful because again it went off topic and talked all about a dog, not very helpful but relatable all the same.



2.china is in Asia.

3.chinas capital is Beijing

  1. Chinais part of the northernand eastern hemispheres, placing the country well above the equator.

5.chinas population is 1,444,216,107

6.the most currently spoken is Mandarin.

7.the currency of china is Renminbi.

  1. China is Australia’s largest two-way trading partner in goods and services, accounting for 27.4 per cent of our trade with the world. Two-way trade reached a record $252 billion in 2019.

9.China is officially known as the People’s Republic of China.

  1. Chinais bordered by 14 countries: Afghanistan, Bhutan, India, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan, andVietnam. also it shares maritime borders with Brunei, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Taiwan.





The troll rock, Friday, 17 February

I left the house at 9 late start i know anyway i had breakfast  next walked out of the cosy little cottage into the forest.

accordingly to Rufus he had heard a growling noise last night and today he picked up on a sent so we where following it until it abruptly stoped at a large rock at first i thought it was just a rock but I looked closer and it turned out to be a troll rock!  so of course i had to draw it in my note book since I had never seen a troll rock in my life.

So as the day went on and i became very engrossed in my drawing dispite this i kept it in the back of my mind that as soon a the sun went down i wold be time to run for our lives! 

later I heard a tiny crack but it was only small so i told myself it was just my imagining and it was totally fine but then i heard it again i was about to leave but…. IT WAS TO LATE!! THE TROLL HAD WOKEN UP! RUFUS RUN!!!! We  ran and ran we hid behind a tree and hoped for the best luckily the troll ran right past us thank goodness its gone i said to Rufus.